Learn How to Generate 6-Fig Online Income Today!

Affiliate marketing in it’s simplest definition, is promoting another person’s product or service in return for a commission percentage. The truth is that Affiliate marketing can be a really profitable venture, that can make you huge profits when you master the tricks very well. When starting out your internet business as a beginner or newbie, the best and quickest way to start seeing immediate profits is to start with affiliate marketing. If you have a website, it is a good way for you to make money with affiliate marketing. You can even earn money while you do nothing. Of cause, you have to do something before they actually earn money. But once you get everything set up, then you can just sit and roll in the money! As an affiliate you can have a link called affiliate link on your site, linking to other people’s products. It needs not to be direct sale or promotion. Everything you need to do is set the link there. Let’s talk about who is involved, and most importantly, how to earn money.

You can become an affiliate in an affiliate marketing business if you have your own website. The owner of the product or service is called merchant. Both the merchant and the affiliate benefit from the affiliate networks, and this is why it works so well. The merchant does not need to promote his own product and only needs to pay the affiliate when someone clicks on the affiliate link and make a purchase (or just takes an action.) This means that the merchant pays only for results. In an affiliate marketing business not all affiliate networks are working in the same way. There are three ways to make money through affiliate marketing. The first type is Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Each time a visitor clicks on the affiliate link or banner, the affiliate gets paid. This amount may be small or great, it really depends on the product, relationship and other factors. Pay per sale is the second method. Once a user buys a product through an affiliate link, the affiliate gets the commission. This is usually much more than the commission of PPC. The third method is pay-per-lead. If a visitor clicks on the affiliate link and signs up for the merchant’s membership, or just enters the personal information, the affiliate gets the commission. The idea of the affiliate marketing is simple. The most difficult part is to find a good product to promote. You should make sure to choose wisely. Do enough research on products or services before promoting them. So what is affiliate marketing? It is a great way to make money online. But it takes a lot of research and homework to get there.

Affiliate Marketing – The Easiest Way to Make Money Online

*step 1: Sign up with an affiliate company
Starting to make money online with affiliate marketing is relatively quick and easy. All that one has to do is to sign up as an affiliate for an online company that offers affiliate programs. Signing up is usually free, although other companies and networks may require you to pay a particular fee. Click bank is a good company you can start with, because it has thousands of digital affiliate products you can promote.

*step 2: Finding a Good Product After your sign up is successful, you’re ready to promote an affiliate product. This is quite easy, you head straight to ClickBank marketplace to find a product to promote. You can browse through their categories to find which niche is suitable for you. ClickBank provides you the opportunity to view the merchant’s sales page and if you’re o.k with the product, you can proceed to obtain your affiliate link.

*step 3: Getting Your Affiliate Links What is an affiliate link? This is the link(url) that codes the product you’re promoting. This is how it works: At ClickBank marketplace, after finding a product, you click on promote- a page automatically appears that generates your affiliate link. All you have to do is input your ClickBank ID (nickname) which you used when signing up with ClickBank. Your affiliate link is the what helps to track the sales made through you so that you can receive your commissions from ClickBank.

*step 4: Promoting Your Affiliate Link Now that you’ve gotten your affiliate link, the next thing to do is promote it! It’s like this: “your affiliate link is the link to the product you’re recommending to others to buy. So, in your messages to your clients or prospects- you have to insert the “affiliate-link” so that when your visitors click on that link, they’ll be automatically re-directed to the salespage. and if they buy the product you’re recommending, you earn your commission- neat! So that’s it about affiliate marketing. So if you’re a for a way to start your online business and earn additional income streams to support other income streams, then you need to consider affiliate marketing business. It is really a profitable business investment almost anybody can start immediately. The low start-up cost far outweighs conventional offline business, and makes it very attractive. And you can get started on a string shoe budget.


 Affiliate Marketing is:

*Pay-for-performance. You only earn money as an affiliate if you’re producing results for the merchant of a product or network such as Google, whether it’s from sales, clicks or registrations.

*Big business! Affiliates worldwide collectively earn billions of dollars each year. One report estimated that affiliates in the UK alone earned over 2 billion dollars in 2006. Of course within that there are affiliates turning over millions of dollars a year, affiliates who scrape by earning $20/week and everything in between.

*A long established business model. Affiliate marketing has been around since people realized the Internet could be used for commerce. One of the earliest big affiliate programs was started by Amazon.com in 1996 (although, just quietly, their commissions aren’t anything to write home about!)

*Internet-based. You can promote yourself or your website using offline methods, but when it comes to earning commissions, all the tracking and processing is done through the Internet. There’s no door-to-door selling here!

*Open to anyone. You don’t need any special credentials to be an affiliate. Since affiliate marketing is pay-for-performance, most affiliate programs are open to anyone, regardless of whether you’re experienced or a complete novice. You also don’t need to be a computer genius to be a successful affiliate – everyone goes through the same learning process.; it really only comes down to whether you can fight your way through to the other side!


Affiliate Marketing is Not:

*Creating and selling your own product. Creating your own product is a different business that requires a lot more risk than affiliate marketing. When you create a product you invest money in creating the product, marketing the product, handling payments and delivery, providing customer support and ongoing development. An affiliate is simply responsible for sending prospects to a merchant – a much less daunting task! That said, product owners can learn a lot by being affiliates first, and a lot of affiliates go on to build their own products later in their careers.

*Affiliate Marketing is Not: have the secret formula. THEY can tell you secrets that the experts don’t want you to know, THEY can give you all the information you need to start your lifestyle of cars, boats, houses and giant wads of cash stacked on the table and THEY can back it up with screens and screens of testimonials from very satisfied and very rich customers. THEY will deliver you the world, at an absolute bargain price.

Here’s the real scoop, the information that the “experts” REALLY don’t want you to know, and I’ll give it to you for free: there are no magic overnight success formulas. Certainly, there are people doing very well out of affiliate marketing: they’ve been working hard for a long time, they’ve made some good decisions and they deserve every success. Sure, there are campaigns that might turn over huge amounts of money in one day: they will have been planned for months in advance by very clever people with a lot of experience in making a lot of money. The reality of affiliate marketing is that you need to spend time learning the ropes and, after that,  spend time implementing what you’ve learned. You need to make a lot of mistakes and spend a lot of time anguishing over why you’re making no sales. Then you WILL start making a few sales, and it will grow from there. There are people and websites who can help you along the way (you’re currently reading one of them), but no one has the ultimate, definitive solution. There are occasionally good pieces of software developed that can also speed things up, but there’s nothing that will automate everything for you. You’ll still need to know what you’re doing, and you’ll still need to work; The gold-rush days where you could just rock into affiliate-town one day and strike it rich the next are steadily diminishing, if not gone altogether. Anyone who tells you different is (obviously!) selling something.


10 Excellent Reasons to Become an Affiliate

  1. You get to be your own boss. You create your own opportunities. You choose how much you wish to earn and work accordingly. You choose to do things that interest you. You choose to take holidays when you need them. You choose to spend more time with your family. Regardless of where you are now, you can go as far as you like with affiliate marketing if you’re willing to work. With this freedom comes responsibility, but for most affiliates the benefits far outweigh the negatives.
  2. No risk: It costs very little to get started as an affiliate. In all seriousness you can become an affiliate and start earning commissions, without spending a dime. Most affiliates, however, will make an initial investment for some web hosting and a domain name for their first website. Hosting will set you back between $10 to $20 per month, and a domain name costs about $10 per year. Joining affiliate programs is free. There are lots of free ways to promote your website – for example being listed in the natural search listings of the search engines. Generally you will end up spending money when you want to save time; you’ll keep your spending to a minimum if you’re the patient type and you’re happy to do the tedious tasks yourself (this can even be a good thing to do with your first website, so that you learn how it works!).
  3. Anyone can become an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is extremely democratic. You will find affiliates of all ages, from all different countries, with all sorts of backgrounds. All you need to get started affiliate marketing is Internet access, and you can operate from any country. (although some countries are restricted from certain networks and payment providers, but there are usually ways around this). You don’t need to be an expert web designer, writer or marketing guru: these things will give you a slight head start, but for the most part affiliates all start at the same level and just learn by doing.
  4. You have a lot of choice. There are many different affiliate programs you can promote, hundreds of different markets you can promote to and lots of different methods for promoting products. In fact one of the biggest problems striking new affiliates istoo much choice
  5. You don’t need to invest in building your own product. This falls under the “no risk” category as well. Someone creating a product needs to be very thorough with their market research beforehand to be sure that they’re creating something that actually sells. If they get it wrong it can mean tens of thousands of dollars in product development wasted! Affiliates don’t have as much risk since they are only promoting products, and they can change products at any time.
  6.  You don’t need to focus solely on one topic. In affiliate marketing business affiliates who are earning large amounts typically have a number of separate websites promoting different products across a variety of markets at any given time; they don’t have all their eggs in one basket.
  7. You’re not tied to any particular product. If a product isn’t performing, or if you see a different product you’d like to promote, it’s can be as easy as changing the links on your site. You can try lots of different products and see which ones work for you.
  8. You don’t need to be concerned with delivery or payments. In affiliate marketing business that’s all dealt with by the merchant or the merchant’s payment processor.
  9. There’s a lot of money to be made. As mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing is a huge business and it doesn’t look like it’ll be going away anytime soon.
  10. Affiliate marketing can be a relatively passive income, freeing you to spend more time doing the things you like. Yes it takes time to get started, but once you’re earning enough you’ll be able to do what any decent business manager does: delegate. There is a huge wealth of freelance talent on the Internet these days, and you can easily outsource all but the most vital tasks.