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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing relies on a relationship where one party (the affiliate) sells another party’s product and receives a commission — usually a set dollar amount or percentage of the sale.

In the online world, this is often tracked through the use of affiliate links (custom links to the seller’s website) and promo codes. When sales are made via these special links and promo codes, the affiliate gets a cut.

You may see this in a number of ways:

1) Dedicated Emails: The affiliate will send an email to their entire list or list segment promoting a product. The product company is leveraging the affiliate’s relationships in the form of a direct email recommendation.

2) Product Reviews: You’ll see this in the form of written and video reviews. What may appear to be an unbiased take on a product is actually a veiled sales pitch. Click on the links (which should be marked as affiliate links) and make a purchase, and the reviewer will get a cut.

3) Product Mentions: Other times, a product may get mentioned in an article when the context calls for it. Once again, the affiliate link needs to be called out so that it’s clear the author has a monetary incentive, but that product may be mentioned more casually as a product the affiliate uses as a solution to a common problem.

Affiliate marketing is a way for marketers to supplement their current income. Particularly for businesses struggling to sell their own products early on, affiliate sales can make a big difference.

While the majority of affiliate marketers can’t expect to make a living on commissions, those with large audiences are in an advantageous position. They can bring in significant income while putting in a fraction of the effort of the company that created the product.

5 Steps Process of Affiliate Marketing

1)Sign up as an affiliate

We are using Clickbank as our connecting platform between your targeted buyers and their respective vendors. It is free to sign up as an affiliate and approval is instant upon successful sign up.

2)Market Research

Find out what are the hottest niche and current trend. There are some tools available to help you perform market research. Eventually you will need to identify a niche and select the vendors that provide affiliate resources so that you can build your leads capture site easily.

3)Build a leads capture site

Using the free resources from the vendors, build a leads capture site to capture leads. Include a opt-in form on your page, and provide a irresistible freebies when they sign up. You also need to provide unique and relevant content to your subscribers.

4)Run targeted traffic to your site to build your own selling list.

You need to promote your website to get more people to your content, and more potential for commissions from referred sales. There are a lot of different traffic strategies that you can apply out there, from advertising to social media marketing.

5)Follow up with your list to generate sales

Follow up is done through a autoresponder service provider whereby it will send out automatic emails to all your subscribers in your list according to your own timed interval. And in each of your follow up, you will insert your affiliate link and direct them to their respective vendors.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Business

  • Low start up cost.
  • It runs 24/7/365. It's a 24-hr salesman.
  • Operate this business anywhere, anytime, anyplace.
  • No maintenance or updates.
  • No conventional overheads.
  • No capital investment needed.
  • No product needed.
  • No customer service.
  • No delivery.
  • No payment to handle.
  • Make money while you sleep.
  • High income potential.
  • Recurring earnings.
  • No contract nor any engagement to sign.
  • Do the work once and continue to get paid every month.

What You'll Learn:

  • How you can tap on the world largest digital affiliate marketplace to create your fortune online.
  • Where to find thousands of digital products covering all major niches in the market, and how to identify your profitable niches.
  • How to use these simple 5-steps systems to jumpstart your profitable online business as an affiliate.
  • How to use easy WordPress system to create landing pages of your own to build targeted list of subscribers.
  • How 3 of my successful students make their fortune online using these proven systems.
  • What are the various type of traffic models and my number #1 model that you can use to generate tons and tons of targeted subscribers which you can sell to easily.

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