Discover How To Generate Passive Income Consistently

Profit from Affiliate Marketing

5 Steps to Affiliate Success:

1. Sign up as a Clickbank affiliate.

It is free to sign up as a Clickbank affiliate, and you will be given an affiliate-ID instantly to identify yourself as an unique Clickbank affiliate.

2. Perform market research and identify profitable niche.

By using free online tool such as Google Keyword Planner, we are able to determine what’s the current hot, demanding, trending and profitable niche to target to.

3. Set up leads capture site.

Leads is defined as our potential customers, and it is the most important component in this business. So the main purpose to setup this leads capture site is to capture leads so that we can follow up closely and convert them into our customers.

4. Run targeted traffic to build list.

The money is in the lists. So we need to run targeted traffic and drive them to our leads capture site. We entice them by offering some freebies(free trials, free ebook, free audio/videos) in exchange for their name and email.

5. Follow up with your leads to make sales.

We follow up with our leads by using the autoresponder emails. These emails are send automatically to your leads with your own defined specified time intervals, and in each of these emails it contains your affiliate links, so that when they click on these links, you become the referrals.

Definition of Niche Market:

  1. Clearly defined audience
  2. Clearly defined their needs or problems
  3. Willing to spend money
  4. Has some competition

Irresistible Benefits for Affiliate Marketing Business:

  1. It is the market trend now.
  2. Be your own boss.
  3. Multiple streams of income.
  4. Choose from thousands of products and services.
  5. Low start up cost – Low risks business.
  6. It never stop. It runs 24/7/365. It's a 24-hr salesman.
  7. Operate this business anywhere, anytime, anyplace.
  8. No maintenance or updates.
  9. No staff to pay, no office rental - No conventional overheads.
  10. No capital investment needed, as in stocks and forex.
  11. No product needed.
  12. No customer service, no after sales service.
  13. No delivery, no inventory
  14. No payment to handle.
  15. Make money while you sleep.
  16. High income potential.
  17. Recurring earnings – make money on auto-pilot!
  18. Take a vacation whenever you want.
  19. No contract nor any engagement to sign.
  20. Free resources from the vendors to help you build your landing page.
  21. Spend more time with your family.
  22. Do the work once and continue to get paid every month.