What is Affiliate Marketing – How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing?

If you have ever looked into ways to make money online you have probably heard of Affiliate Marketing. Over the past decade affiliate marketing has become one of the easiest and most profitable businesses online. It opens the door for anyone wanting to earn money online whether you are looking to make an extra hundred or doing it full-time making thousands…the sky is the limit.

So what is affiliate marketing? Thousands of companies online offer affiliate programs that are typically free to join. These companies pay their affiliates (You) a percentage of each sale generated by your marketing efforts. Every company offers different pay plans ranging from 5% – 75% commission on every sale.

For example, if you promote an item that retails for $100 and receive a 75% commission you will get paid $75 for each sale. Many affiliates average three to four sales per day…that is $300 per day!

As you can see you can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. If you are wondering how your sales are tracked that is simple.

When you become an affiliate for a company they will issue you an affiliate ID , most will provide you with your very own website branded with your ID so when someone clicks on the product and makes a purchase, your ID is tied to that transaction. If you decide to create your own website, you would use your affiliate link provided to you to link to the company’s sales website to receive credit for your sales.

The great thing about being an affiliate marketer is you are not responsible for the product or service. You do not have to provide customer service/support, stock and ship items, etc. Your sole responsibility is to drive traffic to the company provided sales page and let them take it from there. If the customer makes a purchase fantastic you just made money!


I have listed below some excellent websites that offer Affiliate Marketing Programs and provide high commissions.

1. Clickbank.com (Highly Recommended Due to High Commissions Up to 75%)

2. CJ.com (Another great site for finding physical products such as computers, electronics, etc.

3. Amazon.com

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