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Self Introduction

I was told from young that I should study hard and get a good job. So I finally completed my NUS in Electronics Engrg. So by profession I’m an Electronics Engineer.

I started working as an equipment engineer in a manufacturing environment after completed my NS. So I was employed as an equipment engineer. My duties is to make sure that all the plant equipment are up and running 24-hrs. I have a maintenance team that reports to me, and whenever my team cannot handle the machine, I have to be called-in. As a result, I’m always on 24-hr standby and 365 days recallable including Sunday and public holidays. Every morning my boss will call for meeting, I had to report to multiple bosses. There’re also tonnes of office politics in a manufacturing environment.

The problem with this was that I had to be at the constant mercy of my boss, I have no time for my own, my boss decides when I can go on leave, my boss decides how much is my salary and how much is my pay rise. There’s a cap in salary structure and therefore no matter how hard I work and how many hours I put in my job, my salary never exceed the cap limit, and I kept changing jobs every 2-3 years, and this has been on-going on for about 15 years.
So in year 2003, I made a tough decision to fire my boss and start something on my own. I started my 1st conventional business dealing with import and export of refurbished products from China. In a conventional business I have to pay rent and pay salary, so in less than 3 years I closed my business due to high overheads and poor business revenue.

In early 2007 I began to explore online business. So I started to attend free seminars on, and I remembered there’s one mega event organised by Success Resources, they invited a lot of local and overseas gurus to talk about how they made their fortune online. There’s a lot of online businesses including stocks and shares, but I’m especially interested in affiliate model. So I took action by signing up with one of the local guru, and my learning journey begin from there.

Wikipedia Clickbank Statistics

  1. Around 30,000 transactions per day
  2. More than 1.5 million affiliates all over the world
  3. More than 200 million customers worldwide
  4. More than 6 million platform users
  5. Provide services in more than 190 countries
  6. Top-100 Internet retailer as named by Internet Retailer Magazine

5 Steps To Affiliate Success

1. Sign up as an affiliate
We are using Clickbank as our connecting platform between your targeted buyers and their respective vendors. It is free to sign up as an affiliate and approval is instant upon successful sign up.

2. Market Research
Find out what are the hottest niche and current trend. There are some tools available to help you perform market research. Eventually you will need to identify a niche and select the vendors that provide affiliate resources so that you can build your leads capture site easily.

3. Build a leads capture site
Using the free resources from the vendors, build a leads capture site to capture leads. Include a opt-in form on your page, and provide a irresistible freebies when they sign up. You also need to provide unique and relevant content to your subscribers.

4. Run targeted traffic to your site to build your own selling list.
You need to promote your website to get more people to your content, and more potential for commissions from referred sales. There are a lot of different traffic strategies that you can apply out there, from advertising to social media marketing.

5. Follow up with your list to generate sales
Follow up is done through a autoresponder service provider whereby it will send out automatic emails to all your subscribers in your list according to your own timed interval. And in each of your follow up, you will insert your affiliate link and direct them to their respective vendors.

Why Clickbank Affiliate Marketing?

  • Low start up capital
  • No product needed
  • No customer service
  • No delivery
  • No payment to handle
  • It's a 24-hr salesman
  • No conventional overheads
  • Recurring commissions
  • Make money while you sleep

During the seminar you'll learn:

  • Why promoting digital product is a much better choice than a physical product
  • How to perform proper market research to identify profitable niche
  • The top 5 performing niches in Clickbank and top 10 Clickbank vendors in 2018/2019
  • What are the elements that make up of a effective leads captured page
  • Why Facebook marketing is the top traffic sources in generating qualified leads
  • The top 3 success qualities and top 2 success killers

You Should Attend This Event If…

You Want To Start An Online Business
You are sick and tired of your current 9-5 job, and wanted to get out of your rat race cycle.

You Want To Sell Other People's Product As An Affiliate
This is a perfect business if you do not own any product, and you do not want to handle any customer service, product, inventory or even payment.